Lawn Mowing Service

ParkerTXSpend time doing what you really enjoy and let us take care of your lawn this year. Our lawn mowing service is affordable and non disturbing to clients. We have a full fleet of mowers from small regular lawn mowers, to large zero turn mowers to handle any lawn up to 3 acres. Our mowing crews are set up for efficiency to complete the lawn mowing service in a safe but timely manner.

Each team arrives at your home weekly to perform mowing the front, sides and back lawns. During the mowing process another team member is edging all concrete edges for the nice line finish while another member is trimming weeds and grass along fence lines and other areas. We finish off the service by blowing off all concrete surfaces including patios, driveways, pool decks and more.

We have hundreds of lawn mowing customers, and we invite you to become another happy customer of High Five Landscaping. Call us today to set up your lawn mowing service, it takes just a couple minutes. 469.795.1551

Full Service Mowing and Landscaping Services Available!

All Mowing visits include mowing front, back, and sides. Weed-Trimming, Edging, and Blowing.

Call 469.795.1551 to schedule your mowing.


Additional Mowing Maintenance Services

  • Bush trimming
  • Tree trimming
  • Bed weeding
  • Seasonal flowers
  • Planting new bushes
  • New mulch
  • New sod
  • Stone patio
  • Stone borders

The day of your mowing service

In order for our mowing teams to be efficient and safe please be kind by following these easy recommendations /requirements to ensure a great experience for both parties. We Thank You in advance!

  • Do not run sprinklers for up to 24 hours prior to service
  • Remove all toys, furniture or any other objects from the lawn
  • Protect your trees with tree trunk protectors to avoid damage from weed eater (we can install them for an additional charge)
  • Remove pet waste
  • Trampolines and Large Yard toys will be mowed around as best as we see fit to avoid damage
  • Leave gates unlocked and pets inside
  • If you have a combination lock, please let us know the code
  • Run your pool cleaning system if applicable


We will do everything possible to ensure your mowing service is complete on your scheduled day. If any of the above situations occur to prohibit us from mowing your lawn in a safely manner, we will mow the acceptable areas and will be forced to perform services the on the next visit. If the front lawn is mowed and we are unable to mow the back because of the unacceptable situations outlined above, you will be charged for the service. Thank you once again for your understanding to keep everyone safe. We greatly appreciate it.